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Welcome to Pride and Joy Creamery!

        At Pride and Joy Creamery our pasture-fed cows come first! Whether it’s the lush green pasture grass our cows graze on contentedly or the personal attention each cow gets, it’s the extra touch that sets these cows apart. Either way, these cows have it made! And you, as the recipient of the resulting products reap all the benefits!

Notice to our Beef customers:

For the present we no longer have access to a USDA plant that allows us to cut & wrap beef under our own USDA label to sell by the individual package.  For future beef sales we will be limited to selling quantities of no less than an 1/8 of a cow.  We will be making boxes of 20 to 50 Lbs to sell.  The beef will still be 100% grass fed organic farm slaughtered. Please watch for prices and box combinations in our online store.