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Our 100% Organic Products

We are passionately committed to providing the highest quality "real food" possible. Our entire operation revolves around minimizing stress on the animals, people, the environment and our goal is to pass on the resulting quality to you.

Milk & Cream

Pride and Joy Creamery’s signature item is our 100% Grass fed raw organic cow’s milk, unpasteurized, and unhomogenized with lots of cream on the top - nothing added and nothing taken away!

Raw milk is alive with fully active enzymes, a broad spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, essential amino and fatty acids, metabolically available vitamins, immunoglobulins, minerals, antioxidants, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The milk from Pride and Joy Dairy is not damaged or changed by pasteurization, homogenization, or other processing. Our cows graze on organic pasture land and they are on a 100% grass diet during the grazing season April - October. They are never fed GMO's of any kind. Raw milk is the finest immune system support food available. Our cows and sheep dine on High Mountain organic hay purchased from Simon Family Farms in Fairfield Idaho for the past 30 years, during the non-grazing season.

Beef & Lamb

Available from our peaceful pastures - 100% grass fed and finished  beef or lamb raised on organic pastures.

Our magnificent animals are born on our intensively managed pastures and spend their entire life in our low-stress system.  Our intense pasture management allows for the maximum amount of heart-healthy omega 3's and conjugated lineolic acid (CLA’s) available. Tender & flavorful, all cuts yield a pleasurable eating experience.

Beef-   We are sold out of Boxes for now and due to the closure of the USDA plant that allowed us to put it under our own label and sell by the individual package.   We are not sure when we will have any available.    

 Lamb is $6.00 Lb  now of actual cut and wrapped meat for a whole lamb.   It will be farm slaughtered to minimize stress.  They will be custom cut & wrapped as the size of the animal allows,  please call the farm for availability 509-854-1389.


They are all grass fed.  Born and raise here on our organic grass that they are free to roam.  Tails are not docked, no vaccines or antibiotics used.

Eggs & Cheese


We do not make cheese or sell cheese.  If anyone is interested in using our milk to make cheese please contact us here at the farm. 


Eggs are only sold here on the farm as we are not set up to sell them commercially.  We would love for you to come visit the farm and see our free range hens in action!


We hope to one day be able to sell butter made from our milk but can not do so  in the forseeable future due to laws not allowing anyone to sell raw milk butter. We are sorry to disappoint our customers, but you can always learn to make your own from the milk you purchased here .  Here is a link that even helps you- How to make butter!